Dermablate® Cool Laser is the latest and highest-performing Er:YAG laser by Asclepion. The Erbium Nd-YAG multi-application laser is perfected for high-precision skin ablation and fractional therapy, for the doctor lead clinics
Over the years the system has been improved in all areas and enables the treatment of a wide variety of benign skin changes, wrinkles and scars as well as many further applications in the most diverse specialist areas. Dermablate® is made to the highest possible standards hence on high definition optics, durable materials, cost effective consumables, and clever design. All allowing the clinic to preform safe medical procedures at the highest possible standards and precision.


The applications

Vaginal Rejuvenation Juliet®


Experience the benefits of minimally invasive, safe, and efficient Gynaecology treatment with Dermablate® Juliet® Give your patients a renewed sense of vitality. The outcomes of Intravaginal Treatment

For too long, female intimate conditions have been attributed to the natural ageing process, with treatment options reserved for only the most severe cases. Traditional surgical interventions pose significant risks and potential side-effects, making them less favourable. Dermablate® Juliet® treatment offers a swift and effective resolution to female intimate concerns, minimising patient downtime. With our equipment, women can significantly enhance their quality of life, thanks to outstanding results and safety standards. treatment with Dermablate® Juliet®. Give your patients a renewed sense of vitality.



Snoring Therapy Romeo®


Snoring, a prevalent condition affecting millions, is a leading contributor to sleep deprivation, impacting nearly 50% of the population. This impairing condition not only affects the sufferer but also their bed partner, significantly diminishing their quality of life. Asclepion’s anti-snoring Er YAG treatment offers a swift and efficient solution for those battling excessive snoring. The non-invasive treatment is safe and quickly preformed, empower practitioners to address snoring at its core, providing relief for both patients and their partners.


Skin Ablation


The specially developed ‘CUT’ head for the Dermablate® has been designed specifically for skin ablation uses. Offering an extremely accurate, reliable medical ablation platform and tool. Skin ablation treatments using lasers are gentle on the skin while being highly effective at eliminating skin lesions. The intuitive user interface allows the practitioner quickly calibrate the device to the desired parameters and selectively remove areas of skin with little pain for the patient. The laser stimulation also encourages the production of collagen and elastin to cause an acceleration in skin renewal – this results in intangibly smoother and softer skin. Following Skin ablation treatment the wound will usually take a few days to heal before leaving healthy skin tissue.